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Home Sales About To Surge? We May See a Winter Like Never Before.

By Eric Karlene - November 18, 2021
    Like most industries, residential real estate has a seasonality to it. For example, toy stores sell more toys in October, November, and December than they do in any other three-month span throughout the year. More cars are sold in the U.S. during the second quarter (April, May, and June) than in any other quarter of the year. Real estate is very similar. The number of homes sold

Difference Between the Housing Market in 2005 and Today

By Crew at the Cromford Report - November 17, 2021
Although prices have risen dramatically over the last year, the situation is very different from 2005. Let us examine the number of active listings across all areas and types in the ARMLS database, using the monthly active listings chart: We have selected 2005, 2020 and 2021 and in 2005 we can see that March and April counts were extremely low that year. However the rapid increases in price and

What’s Happening with Home Prices?

By Eric Karlene - November 11, 2021
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November 2021 Cromford Report

By Tina Tamboer - November 10, 2021
2022 Housing Predictions: Who to Believe? Median Price Currently Rising 1% per Month on Average For Buyers: ‘Tis the season for 2022 projections in the housing market and, as expected, there are conflicting opinions among national housing analysts. Zillow and Goldman Sachs predict home values will rise nationally 14-16% between now and the end of 2022. CoreLogic released their prediction

11/10/2021 AZ Market Update

By Madison Jenson - November 10, 2021
While the company that we love to hate is struggling, we are all left on the sidelines guessing what will happen next. This is not the end of iBuying, nor is it the end of Zillow, and this certainly does not mean the market is crashing (the price reductions are only bringing the asking price down to market value). It may mean that Wall Street investors decided profitability is important and it is

11/3/2021 AZ Market Update

By Madison Blean - November 03, 2021
Could it really be possible that we are overbuilding? But what about the extreme undersupply of housing stock? NAR said we have a national deficit of over 5 million units. Economist, Dr. Peter Linneman says have a 2-3 million unit shortage. Wall Street housing analyst, Ivy Zelman says the deficit is less than one million units. These are all credible sources so how do we make sense of this? Perspe

9/22/2021 Market Update

By Madison Blean-Jenson - September 22, 2021
    Looking at housing, things look good and the market is attempting to normalize, but we do not see the whole picture. Wall Street, federal policy, a worldwide pandemic, labor, and supply chain shortages also impact housing. But there is still more to consider: the intense and seemingly ever-increasing battle between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the National Association of Rea

09-16-2021 Market Update

By Madison Blean - September 16, 2021
9/15  Market Update   Real estate creates wealth. It has created long-lasting, multi-generational wealth, and it has done the opposite. Why? Appreciation. Home price appreciation, overtime, benefits everyone.   There is a lot of talk about softening, normalization, moderating, weakening, etc. They all mean the same thing; the real estate market is calming down. But before you exh

Home Price Appreciation Is Skyrocketing in 2021. What About 2022?

By Eric Karlene - September 15, 2021
Home Price Appreciation Is Skyrocketing in 2021. What About 2022?   One of the major story lines over the last year is how well the residential real estate market performed. One key metric in the spotlight is home price appreciation. According to the latest indices, home prices are skyrocketing this year. Here are the latest percentages showing the year-over-year increase in home price ap

Fact or Fiction - Homebuyer Edition

By Eric Karlene - September 14, 2021
Fact or Fiction: Homebuyer Edition   Some Highlights When it comes to the current housing market, there are multiple misconceptions – from what the current supply of available homes looks like to how much houses are selling for. It takes professionals who study expert opinions and data to truly understand the real estate market and separate fact



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