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6/15 Market Update

By Madison Blean - June 15, 2021
6/15 Market Update   While today’s residential real estate market remains unhealthy (remember when 10% appreciation was a lot?), initial progress has been made. Prices are leveling off, supply is increasing, and immediate sales are declining. This is good for buyers, especially first-time homebuyers, who are the key to the real estate market. Without them, the machine stops.   N

June 2021

By Eric Karlene - June 14, 2021
Should Buyers Wait to Buy? Median Sales Price $390K, up 32% from 2020 For Buyers: There’s a lot of conflicting advice for buyers online these days, and there’s no shortage of headlines advising them to wait. Many authors cite the unpleasantness of multiple competing offers and rising prices as the reason to wait out the market. This is despite their acknowledgment that home values a

6/3 Market Update

By Madison Blean - June 03, 2021
6/3 Market Update   “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” ~Mark Twain   April saw its best sales rate in 15 years and at the same time sales declined again for the third straight month. Homes are selling faster than ever before, and prices are higher than ever before; yet the signs are all there, the market is slowing – very slowly – and just startin

5/19 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - May 19, 2021
5/19 Market Update   This week’s update is all about the AZ Market & a recap from Tina Tamboer with The Cromford Report from 5/12.   Inflation: According to Reuters, consumer price inflation increased by 0.8% from March to April, the largest increase since June 2009. It increased by 4.2% year over year, the highest since September of 2008. Experts blame supply chain c

5/7 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - May 07, 2021
5/7 Market Update   Logan Mohtashami recently wrote about why we are not in a housing bubble, “These Americans who are outbidding others and getting the home are doing very well financially. I am not talking about cash buyers or investors. I am talking about primary resident mortgage homebuyers. They have enough home-buying power to win the house. The market is unhealthy because we sh

There Really are Fewer Homes for Sale

By Eric Karlene - May 06, 2021
You’re not imagining it: there really are fewer houses for sale. Today’s low housing inventory is the result of several major factors, but you can still find homebuying success in this market with the right expert guidance. DM me to get answers to your questions and build the best plan to find your dream home this year.  

4/29 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - April 29, 2021
4/29 Market Update   The pandemic created involuntary savings. People simply couldn’t spend the way they had in the past, and all of a sudden they had money for a down payment. Along with historic low mortgage rates and the ability to work remotely; the extra savings enabled super strong demand. As the economy opens up and people are able to spend their money on more services like con

Is it Time to Move into a Single-Story Home?

By Eric Karlene - April 29, 2021
Is it Time to Move into a Single-Story Home? Once the kids have left the nest, you may be wondering what to do with all of the extra space in your home. Chances are, you don’t need four bedrooms anymore, and it may be a great time to sell your house and downsize, maybe even into a single-story home. You’ve likely gained significant equity if you’ve lived in your

4/20 Market Update

By Madison Blean / Lawyer's Title - April 20, 2021
4/20 Market Update   Despite our fear of change, humans are quite resilient and are far more flexible than we realize. Quite often, change is good. Demand is declining and seasonality is beginning to emerge in the market. We are starting to hear stories about an FHA buyer who finally had a contract accepted and a seller who agreed to a few concessions. This is good news for our exhausted bu

4/14 Market Update

By Madison Blean / Lawyers Title - April 14, 2021
4/14 Market Update   Now, this is a a headline that says it all “Who’s Lying About The Housing Market? The housing market is heating and cooling at the same time, depending on the data in question. Who’s telling the truth? Actually, maybe everyone…” Author, Matthew Graham explains that prices are appreciating faster than they have in 15 years, homes are sellin



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