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4/14 Market Update

By Madison Blean / Lawyers Title - April 14, 2021
4/14 Market Update   Now, this is a a headline that says it all “Who’s Lying About The Housing Market? The housing market is heating and cooling at the same time, depending on the data in question. Who’s telling the truth? Actually, maybe everyone…” Author, Matthew Graham explains that prices are appreciating faster than they have in 15 years, homes are sellin

4/9 Market Update

By Madison Blean - April 09, 2021
4/9 Market Update   The human condition versus efficiency. Real estate disruption is all about creating efficiency. As we lead busier and busier lives, fast and efficient is appealing, right? In theory, buying and selling a property with Am

4/1 Market Update

By Madison Blean - April 01, 2021
“There are decades when nothing happens, and then there are years when decades happen,” Notarize CEO Pat Kinsel said after raising $130 million in funding. National Real Estate:

3/23 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - March 23, 2021
3/23 Market Update   Once again this is all about the AZ Market. Below I have combined a lot of information from Tina Tamboer, with the Cromford Report, along with additional information about our current market.   What affects supply? -New Homes -FSBOs -Appreciation/Depreciation (equity) -Foreclosures/Household Formation (shrinking) -Relocation (Outbound) -Divorce/Illness/Deat

3/17 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - March 17, 2021
3/17 Market Update One year ago, on March 11th, the World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus a worldwide pandemic. Despite our efforts, no one accurately predicted the following 365 days+. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Kids are going back to school, vaccines are being distributed, the economic conditions are impr

3/10 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - March 10, 2021
Today is all about the AZ market. What affects supply? New Homes FSBOs Appreciation/Depreciation (equity) Foreclosures/Household Formation (shrinking) Relocation (Outbound) Divorce/Illness/Death/Job Losses/Tragedy Consumer Sentiment   What affects demand? Interest Rates Appreciation/Depreciation (affordability) Relocation (inbound) Employment/Income Loose/Tight Lending Pr

3/2 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - March 02, 2021
3/2 Market Update  While real estate remains local; the big business behind it is anything but. 2021 has seen many mergers and acquisitions and we expect to see many, many more this year. The journey towards the undefined end-to-end platform continues on, gaining speed in the form of millions and billions of dollars.   What is end to end? Is it buying a house with a click of a button

2/22 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Update - February 22, 2021
2/22 Market Update Low-interest rates keep housing demand high while available supply continues to dwindle. Today’s market is tough on buyers yet it is still a great time to buy; so we must continue to encourage them. And we must do the same for the sellers as well. Stories of 75 offers in one weekend or a fixer selling as-is for $50,000 over asking come almost daily. Real estate is not fo

2/2 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - February 02, 2021
2/2 Market Update The frequency in which we are asked, “Is real estate headed for a crash?” seems to be increasing. Given the enormity of uncertainty we have lived with for nearly a year, the question isn’t surprising. Things are going well in real estate and with the limited good news, it is easy to wonder when the other shoe will drop. Research professor, Dr. Brene Brown, cal

1/26 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - January 26, 2021
1/26 Market Update Are we going to run out of houses to sell? Are we going to have a foreclosure crisis? What about all of the looming evictions? V shape, K shape, policy, stimulus, unemployment, vaccines, why can’t my buyer find a house? Between the emotional exhaustion and pandemic fatigue making sense of today’s real estate market is difficult at best. Add in some misleading headl



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