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8/6 Market Update

By Madison Blean of Lawyer's Title - August 06, 2020
8/6 Market Update Realtors, lenders, buyers, and sellers are exhausted. The Spring and Summer home selling season has been crammed into two months. Not to mention the worldwide pandemic, economic uncertainties, delays in school re-openings, and a heated political climate. To say that there is a lot going would be an understatement. Despite the stress of the unknown, we do know that real estate is

7/28 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - July 28, 2020
    7/28 Market Update There is definitely some irony in the fact that real estate caused the Great Recession and only 10 years later real estate is driving our current economic recovery. As we face our economic reality of today; we have to look at the good (real estate), the bad (employment struggles and school closures), and the ugly (unemployment). “While other segments of

7/22 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - July 22, 2020
7/22 Market Update Consumer sentiment has the greatest impact on our economy. It is more powerful than any piece of information or event, so let’s talk about the real numbers. For example, look at the second quarter stock market returns versus the economic data. Investors have no idea why the markets ended so well when there was so much bad news in every headline. The S&P 500 increased

7/13 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - July 17, 2020
7/13 Market Update “This has been a spectacular recovery for contract signings, and goes to show the resiliency of American consumers and their evergreen desire for homeownership,” NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said, “This bounce back also speaks to how the housing sector could lead the way for a broader economic recovery.” I hope that real estate can continue to lead t

6-30 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's TItle - June 30, 2020
6/30 Market Update The top real estate experts and economists expect to see a strong housing market through the summer. While there is no reason to expect anything but positive growth, there are a number of outside factors that could negatively impact the housing market. It is important to be mindful while being optimistic. Shifts of this magnitude have never happened so quickly and there are no

6/26 Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - June 26, 2020
6/26 Market Update Econ 101 taught us about supply and demand. To measure the health of the real estate market we look at new listings AKA supply, and new pendings AKA demand. When demand outpaces supply, prices go up. This has been good news for a lot of sellers over the past several weeks. However, we are moving closer and closer to running out of houses to sell. According to NAR before the pa

6/17 Quick Market Update

By Madison Blean w/ Lawyer's Title - June 17, 2020
Arizona Market: Cromford Market Index (CMI): The CMI is the best leading indicator available (balance is 100, above 100 is a seller’s market and below 100 is a buyer’s market. Prices rise at 110 and drop at 90). On March 20, the CMI peaked at 241, and yesterday it was at 176.7, up from the bottom of 145.2 we hit on May 15 and up nearly 14 points in the past seven days. I see a U-shaped

Cromford Report Market Update with Tina Tamboer Confirmation

By Tina Tamboer & Madison Blean - June 10, 2020
Wall Street & Real Estate: Opendoor, Offerpad, Zillow have all re-entered the market and started again in Phoenix. The volatility in the stock market settled before they re-entered.       Affordability: For many years Phoenix has been affordable. Ideal affordability range is 60-75. Below 60, properties are no longer considered affordable. Phoenix is currently 63.

Dr. Yun Addresses Arizona REALTORS®

By Eric Karlene - April 24, 2020
Dr. Yun Addresses Arizona REALTORS®  



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